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New York Village Halloween Parade

Funny Corner

The New York City Village Halloween Parade celebrated its 35th year in 2008. It was time to go back to the essence of the festival of All Souls, the one night when our ancestral spirits can return and walk among us. This 2008 year's theme was Ghost! and the ghostly creations of official Parade puppeteers Superior Concept Monsters lead the march as ephemeral phantom projections floated along.

The Village Halloween Parade began in 1973 when a local mask maker organized a walk from house to house in his neighborhood for his children and their friends. After the second year, Theater for the New City stepped in and began producing the event on a larger scale as part of their City in the Streets program. After the third year, the Parade formed itself into a not-for-profit organization, discontinued its association with Theater for the New City and produced the Parade on its own.

Today, the Village Halloween Parade is the largest celebration of its kind in the world and has been picked by Festivals International as "The Best Event in the World" for October 31. The Parade draws more than 50,000 costumed participants and approximately 2 million spectators each year.

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